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Go the Distance Running provides fun and professional coaching to help you improve both running technique and fitness. Technique and training advice and, programmes develop your running ability no matter your level. Whether you are just starting to run or training for a marathon, Go the Distance Running will support and guide your running to help you go whatever distance you strive for.

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Go the distance running offers you the chance to improve your running whatever your level. From complete beginner to a seasoned marathon runner, we have been helping runners go the distance since 2008. With options to train in groups or individually our coaches help you move and run more efficiently and put the fun back into the run. Access our group running sessions designed for all abilities or attend Runoga to improve your range and mobility of the running muscles. Tell us what level you are at and what your personal running goals are and we will do the rest. Email tim@gothedistancerunning.co.uk for more information. Try us out for free and see the difference Go the Distance Running and Runoga can make to your next race.

All our training is designed around 3 focus points


Our coaches are supportive and encouraging.


Avoidance of injury and developing an economic running style to help you enjoy your running.


We pride ourselves on the improvements participants make at our sessions, achieving race distances, specific target times, or qualifying for national competitions.

Our next sessions are;
January 5th 2019: 10am Group Run / 11.15am Runoga
January 12th 2019: 10am Group Run / 11.15am Runoga
January 19th 2019: 10am Group Run / 11.15am Runoga
January 26th 2019:  10am Group Run / 11.15am Runoga

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Runoga is a running specific yoga class designed to target the running muscles to help you move faster and more efficiently to make running easier. Specific technique exercises and stretches are given to help stretch out the running muscles and develop efficient and controlled technique. This is an essential addition to any runners training programme to condition their bodies and avoid repetitive injuries.

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