Achieve your goals

Go the Distance programmes are based around three core running sessions per week. One intervals session, one tempo run and one longer run. There are also recovery runs, social runs and other sessions that are an important part of your training. All the programmes should be supplemented by strength and conditioning exercises and yoga/flexibility work. The intervals session can be completed with the Go the Distance group running fitness sessions and Runoga makes the ideal flexibility session as it is designed specifically for runners and running.

Choose from 3 programmes

First 5k

Just started running? Agreed to a race for life and now need to get fit for it? This programme is designed for beginners to build gradually up to their first 5km race/run. Whether you just want to complete it or have a specific time you want to achieve, the First 5k programme can ensure you are ready.

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Half Marathon

The Half marathon programme is for those runners who want to take on the distance for the first time or want to beat the personal best for their next race. Gradually building your mileage and speed endurance over 12 weeks to get you in great shape to stand on the start line.

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Full Marathon

Take on the challenge of a Marathon. The ultimate running goal for many, whether you are training for your first 26.2 mile race or you are aiming for good for age, or your own personal best. This programme is for runners that have already completed a half marathon within the past 12 months.

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